Susie Ellis: Spa and Wellness Treatments as Health Prevention Tools

//Susie Ellis: Spa and Wellness Treatments as Health Prevention Tools


With three quarters of doctors visits are for stress-related conditions, and the startling rise of healthcare costs, Susie Ellis makes a compelling case for prevention of these conditions. Through lifestyle changes, spa and wellness treatments, certain health conditions such as lower blood pressure, greater flexibility, and the ability to better respond to predictable everyday stressors, are possible.

Susie Ellis is the president of Spafinder Wellness 365, and the CEO of the Global Wellness Summit. She is an advocate for homeopathic treatments, stress reduction, good nutrition, massage, and other wellness treatments as enjoyable and beneficial health treatments.

In this interview, Susie Ellis explores challenges within the global wellness sector, including the lack of a clear definition of wellness tourism. Susie says:

“We need to be clear about descriptions or labels. For instance, the word “health tourism” causes confusion, because for some cultures it means traveling for medical/dental procedures, and for others (Europeans) it refers to experiences like hydrothermal bathing, which most would slot in the spa/wellness category. It’s best to use the terms “wellness tourism” and “medical tourism” – and keep them distinct.

Ms. Ellis envisions the sector growing and continuing to overlap with the international medical tourism and travel sectors. “Medical tourism and wellness tourism are complementary and not at all exclusive domains,” says Ellis. With more research into the role of prevention through wellness treatments, Susie believes many valuable lessons will be learned from cultures and shared wellness practices around the world.

The 2015 Global Wellness Summit is coming up November 13-15, 2015 in Mexico City. The Global Wellness Summit is a unique conference to bring together international professionals in the wellness industry to build business relationships, strategize, and exchange ideas. The Global Wellness Summit serves every sector of the wellness industry, and this year focuses on spa, education and tourism, as well as beauty, fitness, nutrition, finance, environment, medicine, architecture, workplace wellness, wellness communities and technology.

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