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Dr. Andy Garman: Global Healthcare Leadership and Innovation


CEO of the National Center for Healthcare Leadership, and Professor of Health Systems Management at Rush University, Dr. Andy Garman, views international medical travel as an opportunity for business development. He believes global healthcare is an arena for management, leadership, and innovation to mesh together and grow.

Along with his colleague at Rush University, Tricia Johnson, Professor […]

Pam Frank: Academic Medical Centers


Global healthcare travel markets have been led by academic medical centers in the United States. Pam Frank, the Chief International Officer at Minnesota International Medicine, has been an observer and researcher involved in global healthcare for years. In this interview, Ms. Frank discusses the historical perspective and future of the U.S. position in international medical travel.

“Academic medical […]

Susie Ellis: Spa and Wellness Treatments as Health Prevention Tools


With three quarters of doctors visits are for stress-related conditions, and the startling rise of healthcare costs, Susie Ellis makes a compelling case for prevention of these conditions. Through lifestyle changes, spa and wellness treatments, certain health conditions such as lower blood pressure, greater flexibility, and the ability to better respond to predictable everyday stressors, are possible.

Susie […]

Glenn Cohen: Patients with Passports


Glenn Cohen, the youngest professor at Harvard Law School, has examined the potential risks and legal issues involved with medical tourism from many different perspectives. International medical travel has been promoted as an inexpensive and easy way to travel to exotic locations while receiving inexpensive healthcare. What is not often discussed before patients become medical tourists is […]

Dr. How Kim Chuan: Imperial Dental Specialist Centre


How does Imperial Dental Specialist Centre distinguish itself from other international dental tourism destinations? Dato’ Dr. How Kim Chuan, managing director of Imperial Dental Specialist Centre, and his staff provide high quality services with a focus on tender loving care.

Imperial Dental is the leading orthodontic and implant center in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. It has become an award winning […]

Laszlo Puczko: Intersection of Medical and Wellness Tourism


Dr. Lazlo Puczko is the managing director of Resources for Leisure Assets, a consultancy based in Budapest. He also founded the Tourism Observatory for Health, Wellness and Spa, a global intelligence resource for the health travel industry. Even for experts like him, the distinction between medical tourism and wellness tourism is unclear.

Dr. Puczko, an internationally […]

Massimo Manzi: Medical Tourism in Costa Rica


Costa Rica did not become one of the leading dental tourism destinations overnight. Since 2004, the Costa Rican Minister of Competitiveness, with the help of Massimo Manzi, has been exploring, studying, and strengthening the dental and medical tourism industry in Costa Rica.

In this interview, Manzi, the Executive Director of the Council for the International Promotion of Costa Rican […]

Stefan d’Hone: Medical Travel Opportunities in Greece


Despite the economic troubles in Greece, medical tourism is one sector of business that is still going strong

Managing partner of German Communications Xperts (GCX), Stefan d’Hone, is optimistic about the medical tourism market in Greece because the country has high quality medical procedures available at lower costs than competing countries.

Mr. d’Hone works specifically to attract German patients to […]

Dr. Juan Pablo Nanagas: The Asian Eye Institute


The Asian Eye Institute, headquartered in Manila, Philippines is a leader in ophthalmic surgery and treatments. The Institute brings cutting-edge technology and innovation to the region through sophisticated eye care service delivery models. The Asian Eye Institute offers state-of-the-art ophthalmic care to both Filipinos and international patients.

Two leaders of this renowned institution, Dr. Juan Pablo Nanagas […]

Elizabeth Boultbee: When Supply and Demand Don’t Match


As the founder and principle of Boultbee & Co. Ltd., Elizabeth Boultbee’s work focuses on developing strategies for international patients referrals for doctors and hospitals.

This interview with Ms. Boultbee covers a wide range of medical tourism topics, including supply and demand of services. Specifically, the supply and demand in the Middle East, and how these factors will […]