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//Digital Marketing & International Medical Travel
Carlos Traseira, Xetica International 

Carlos Traseira, Xetica International

With social media taking a more prominent role across the globe in many ways, Carlos Traseira of Xetica International in Buenos Aires sat down with Elizabeth Ziemba and Irving Stackpole to talk about the role of social media in developing healthcare markets.

Carlos told us, “Digital marketing is moving so fast, that even the most modern companies are struggling to keep up. And in healthcare, the situation is even more dramatic.”

Medical providers and other healthcare organizations are having difficulty getting up to date and staying at the leading edge of digital marketing technologies.

Asked to explain how healthcare organizations can justify the direct and indirect costs associated with digital marketing and social media investments, Carlos emphasizes the importance of measures such as cost per sale and cost per lead as key performance indicators. “If there is no return on the digital marketing investment, or ROI” Carlos added, “it will not be sustainable, and companies will quickly lose interest.”

According to Carlos, however, all the technology in the world (and there’s quite a lot) cannot replace the importance of building a relationship in healthcare and medical service lines. “If you don’t nurture the leads, or the potential patients that you have, all the technology will make no difference, because you will not have any customers!” Striking the balance between technology and  human interaction is critical in the international medical travel arena.

Before developing his company as a digital marketing and social media communications agency, Carlos operated a medical travel agency or facilitator business in Buenos Aires. He talked with us about the medical travel markets in Buenos Aires and Argentina. “The open door policy, and the quality of  medical services in Argentina are very well known and certainly respected among the countries in South America. And because of the recent economic history of the country, the price differential between Argentina and other places is dramatic, making Argentina very affordable.” Carlos also highlighted the national policy of treating everyone, and not refusing care to anyone. “The open door policy in Argentina means that we have many people coming from Bolivia, Uruguay and Chile to access our excellent healthcare.”

Carlos added, “Because I understand the sensitive nature of medical travel and have worked in medical tourism as a facilitator, Xetica can now help clients better position themselves to take advantage of this Internet-based digital marketing and social media phenomenon.”


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