Dr. Sophie Chung: Empowering Consumers to Access Healthcare

//Dr. Sophie Chung: Empowering Consumers to Access Healthcare

The democratization of data and harnessing the power of technology are two of the driving forces behind Qunomedical and its CEO, Dr. Sophie Chung.

In this interview, Dr. Chung addresses topics that are shaping the business of international medical travel today as well as the directions it is going in the future. By founding Qunomedical, Dr. Chung and her team focus on delivering the information consumers need to find the right doctors outside the limitations of healthcare options offered to individuals in need of medical care. According to Dr. Chung, borders are mattering less and less as consumers become better educated through increased access to information. Governments, insurance companies, employers and other healthcare participants are shifting to meet consumer demand.

“Patients are demanding information transparency and are not willing to put up with the lack of information,” says Dr. Chung. “Technology is a great enabler. Digitization in healthcare combined with smart technology and human sensitivity is the path to the future.”

Listen to Dr. Chung discuss the impact of technology on expanding access to healthcare, the challenge of defining quantitative and qualitative data measuring quality within and across borders, the importance of a patient centered focus for sustainability, and more in this compelling interview with The Medical Travel Show’s co-hosts, Irving Stackpole and Elizabeth Ziemba.

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