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Dr. Claudia Mika

Dr. Claudia Mika is the Founder and CEO of Temos International, a leading ISQua/IEEE accreditation organization working with hospitals, clinics, and facilitators worldwide to improve the services offered to international patients.

Listen to the full interview with Dr. Claudia Mika here.




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Dr. Sophie Chung

Dr. Sophie Chung is the CEO and founder of Qunomedical, a digital health platform that provides patients with access to high-quality affordable healthcare worldwide. Dr. Chung is a successful entrepreneur who has built Qunomedical into a valuable resource for patients empowering them with […]

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Dr. How Kim Chuan

Dr. How Kim Chuan, Managing director of Imperial Dental Specialist Centre in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. He is a Counselor for FDI World Dental Federation, and the president of the International College of Dentist. He was appointed by the Minister of Health of Malaysia to serve the nation as the Board Director for […]

Elizabeth Boultbee

Elizabeth BoultbeeElizabeth Boultbee is the Managing Director of Boultbee & Co Ltd, an international healthcare consultancy business. She is also a partner in London Medicine UK. Previously, Elizabeth has held senior management positions at three of London’s premiere NHS university hospitals.

Listen to the interview with Elizabeth Boultbee here.


Dr. Tricia Johnson

Dr. Tricia Johnson, Associate Chair of the Graduate Program in Health Systems Management at Rush UniversityDr. Tricia Johnson is the Associate Chair of the Graduate Program in Health Systems Management at Rush University. She is one of the investigators awarded a United States Department of Commerce grant to study medical tourism into the […]