Ms. Anne Dimon: Pioneer in the World of Wellness Tourism

//Ms. Anne Dimon: Pioneer in the World of Wellness Tourism


The world of wellness tourism is growing and changing rapidly. Anne Dimon has been at the forefront of this phenomenon, helping it to evolve and take shape through her online magazine, TravelToWellness, and the newly formed, Wellness Tourism Association.

One of the goals of the Wellness Tourism Association is to bring standards and definitions to the growing sector of the travel industry including the subtle difference between “wellness tourism” and “wellness travel”. According to Anne, wellness travel is engaged in by individuals who proactively want to improve or maintain their health and well-being and is the activity itself. In contrast, “wellness tourism” is part of the larger tourism industry and describes the business of promoting, marketing, and delivering services to wellness travelers. Individuals and organizations such as hotels, tour companies, and others whose business it is to promote wellness travel are current and prospective members of the Wellness Tourism Association.

There is a further distinction between “wellness tourism” and “medical tourism”. Ms. Dimon clarifies the difference between wellness tourism where individuals are proactive about their health and wellbeing as opposed to medical tourism where individuals are being treated for existing conditions as a way to react to their current state of health.

“Being happy and healthy can mean getting away from the day to day stresses”, observes Ms. Dimon. “It can mean taking a trip for our mental health”. Given the growth of the wellness tourism sector, many companies are stepping up to deliver the services that are in demand by consumers.

Listen to Ms. Dimon discuss emerging trends in wellness tourism and the opportunities it brings to the global marketplace and more in this fascinating look at wellness tourism with The Medical Travel Show’s co-hosts, Irving Stackpole and Elizabeth Ziemba.

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