Carol and Ken Purves: Patient’s Voice– Experiencing Dental Care in Los Algodones, Mexico

//Carol and Ken Purves: Patient’s Voice– Experiencing Dental Care in Los Algodones, Mexico


Carol and Ken Purves*, residents of British Columbia, Canada received a dental diagnosis in their home country that would have cost thousands of dollars above their budget. With the help of Dental Departures, the Purves were able to travel to Los Algodones, Mexico and both receive quality dental care for one third of the cost in Canada.

During a dentist visit in Canada, the work that Ken was recommended to have was extremely expensive. Friends of the Purves that live in Arizona during the winter told them about dental care they received in Los Algodones, just 11 miles from Yuma, Arizona. The more the Purves heard great stories about the dental work in Los Algodones, the more confident they became in exploring dental options outside of Canada.

Carol inquired in Dental Departures after seeing an ad online. She had a very successful, hour and a half phone call that resulted in the Purves decision to travel to Mexico. The employee of Dental Departures made Carol and Ken feel comfortable, answered all their questions, and understood Ken’s specific worries due to previous health issues.

Dental Departures contacted the dental office and scheduled their appointments. The proposed cost of the dental work plus the flights to Mexico was less than 1/3 of the quoted price of the dental care in Canada.

The Purves flew to Yuma, Arizona, where they were greeted at the airport by transportation provided by the dentist’s office. It was a short drive across the border to the hotel that is partnered with the office. On the first night at the charming and clean hotel, the Purves met a couple that had traveled to Los Algodones for dental work multiple times before. The couple only had positive experiences, which assured the Purves even more that they made the right decision to come to Mexico for dental work.

At the end of the day, guests of the hotel gathered in a courtyard outside to discuss what they were there for, where they were from, and previous and present experiences in Los Algodones. “The whole joy of being there wasn’t just that we could get cheap dental work, but that meeting all these people with the same thing-they all needed dental work, they were happy to be there. The sunshine was warm, the ambiance was just so cool. You felt so safe. It was just plain fun,” says Carol.

Not only was the hotel a great experience, so was being at the dentist’s office. At the office the two patients immediately had x-rays taken followed by a consultation with the dentist. After agreeing on the necessary procedures, the dentist talked them through what was going to happen and the products he was going to use.

Dental Departures matches patients with dental providers around the world for affordable, safe, and reliable dental care. To learn more about Dental Departures, listen to our  interview with the CEO of Dental Departures, Paul McTaggart.

*Please note: Carol and Ken Purves gave us permission to disclose her name and the type of treatment received, as it is our policy to protect the privacy of our guests and clients.

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