Cathy Turvill: Passion Drives Success in Wellness Tourism

//Cathy Turvill: Passion Drives Success in Wellness Tourism


Cathy Turvill’s desire for a place of wellness, health and relaxation, led to the creation of Nurture Wellness Village, a popular destination spa in Tagaytay City, Philippines. Ms. Turvill calls it serendipitous that her focus turned into a successful business.

It wasn’t just passion that turned a four person spa into an accredited destination spa resort. “Passion is not enough,” says Cathy Turvill. “You have to back it up with knowledge. Beyond passion you have to envelop competence.”

Cathy’s desire to create a complete environment for people to relax and reconnect with nature and themselves sparked her career as a pioneer in the Philippines spa and wellness industry.

While her personal project of finding a calm oasis was unfolding, others in need of the same sanctuary gravitated toward her spa. Over time the spa evolved into a romantic destination for couples to relax and connect with each other. This was the beginning of the next stage of growth for Nurture Wellness Village.

Since its birth twelve years ago, Nurture Wellness Village has continued to evolve and expand. Ms. Turvill’s spa began to incorporate additional aspects of wellness especially through improved nutrition. She introduced her clients to healthier foods from Nurture Wellness Village’s own organic garden offering delicious meals prepared on site with all fresh ingredients.

“It didn’t make sense for us to buy food because we were not sure about the sources, so we started growing our own. I brought in kale seeds from Atlanta. We started growing kale, and the little small garden has turned into a farm,” says Cathy.

The Workwell Project is one of the most recent innovations at the spa. This project is a corporate wellness program that encourages employers to invest in the health of employees by offering the services of the Nurture Wellness Village. Company management groups and team members are immersed in holistic team building activities delivered with the classic Filipino touch. Services can include an executive health assessment in addition to fun wellness activities provided in a serene location. Team reconnect packages are available for day or overnight sessions. By investing in the health of employees, businesses benefit from fewer sick days and happier staff.

Cathy stresses the importance of pursuing a career about which you are passionate and enjoy learning because that is what will keep you motivated when times are tough. But she also emphasizes the importance of the financial aspects of business. “To make it a viable business, you have to make sure it is profitable,” Cathy advises.

Ms. Turvill’s successful business guided her path to becoming the founding president of the Spa Association of the Philippines; an internationally certified Worksite Wellness Specialist Health and Wellness coach; a speaker at international wellness and spa conferences; the author of Turn Back Time: Natural Anti-aging Choices; and a Board Member of the Philippine Tourism Infrastructure Enterprise Zone Authority.

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