Josef Woodman: Patients Beyond Borders

//Josef Woodman: Patients Beyond Borders


Josef Woodman is a true pioneer in the creation of a compilation of information for consumers on international travel for health, wellness, and dental care. His journey of exploration into the world of medical tourism began when his father decided to travel to Mexico for dental care to save thousands of dollars and receive expert care. At this time, the term “medical tourism” had not even been coined. Mr. Woodman is a successful veteran of the high-tech boom, and recognized international medical travel as a sector ready for rapid growth.

Mr. Woodman is the CEO and author of Patients Beyond Borders, the first international patient guide to global healthcare. He has traveled to hospitals, medical and dental providers worldwide to gather information and publish information on medical tourism destination.

His early exploration into international healthcare, led Mr. Woodman to see that without quality information, cross-border consumers would be at risk. This, along with his fathers personal experience, led him to develop Patients Beyond Borders.

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